Engine Emissions Monitoring system (EEMS)

The Gasmet engine emissions monitoring system EEMS has been designed engine emissions monitoring which require for fast response time. A typical application for Gasmet EEMS consists of H2O, CO2, CO, N2O, NO, NO2, SO2, HCl, HF, NH3, CH4, C2H6, C3H8, and C2H4, but it can be easily configured for a new set of compounds and/or calibration ranges.

Gasmet EEMS has a CX4000 analyzer with special small volume sample cell, a fast data transfer using RS422 protocol, and a powerful pump inside the sampling system. These factors contribute to a fast response time. In Figure 1, the response time of Gasmet EEMS is depicted.


The Gasmet EEMS is used for on-line measurements. It is an ideal tool to use for measuring trace concentrations of pollutants in wet, corrosive gas streams. All parts of the Gasmet EEMS are be heated up to 180 ºC. It can be used for undiluted gases and the sample gases do not need drying beforehand.

The Gasmet EEMS consists of Gasmet CX4000 FTIR gas analyzer, Gasmet industrial PC, and Gasmet sampling system. As an option, the system can be equipped with Gasmet oxygen analyzer and/or with total hydrocarbon analyzer (FID). All parts of the system are 19” rack mounted and are installed on the pull-out shelves. The Gasmet EEMS includes all power connections and temperature controllers for heated lines and heated sample probe. The operation of the system is fully automatic and controlled by the Calcmet software. Additionally, all functions of the Gasmet EEMS can also be used manually.

The Gasmet industrial PC and Calcmet application software control EEMS. The measuring data can be transferred from the industrial PC to the control room with digital outputs (Modbus) or with analog outputs 4–20 mA. The alarms are transferred with relay contact. The Gasmet EEMS provides different alarm functions such as Function alarm, Service alarm, and System alarm. Function and service alarms are associated with the Gasmet FTIR gas analyzer and with the Calcmet analysis software. System alarm comes from Gasmet sampling system and it includes temperature alarms (from sample probe, heated lines, and sampling unit), flow alarm, and pressure alarm for zero gas. If any of the critical alarms is activated, instrument air starts to flow automatically into the system to prevent condensation. Standard EEMS is also equipped with a one span gas valve to allow automated span checks.


  1. GasmetTM CX4000 FTIR analyzer
  2. GasmetTM industrial computer and RS422 protocol
  3. CalcmetTM PRO software extension for fast measurements
  4. Special sampling system
  5. Heated sampling lines, filter and probe
  6. FID and oxygen analyzers (optional)


  • Extremely fast due to small size sample cell, RS422 protocol, and effective sampling pump
  • Turn-key solution for engine emissions monitoring
  • Up to 50 components at the same time: hydrocarbons up to C8, BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylenes) and other VOCs
  • No need for liquid nitrogen cooling of the MCT detector, advances in Peltier cooled MCT detectors allow fast measurements with low noise levels


  • Vehicle exhaust measurements
  • Catalytic & combustion research
  • Gas purity tests
  • Other demanding research applications

Technical Data

General parameters
Gas analyzer: Gasmet CR2000
Measuring principle: Fourier transform infrared, FTIR
Performance: Simultaneous analysis of up to 50 gas compounds
Response time, T90: < 2.5 s
Response time, T10-90: < 1.5 s
Result update time: < 0.4 s
Operating temperature: 20 ± 20 °C, non-condensing, dust free ambient air.
Storage temperature: -20 - 60°C, non-condensing
Gas cell temperature: 50 - 180 °C
Sample gas: Non-condensing, particle free
Flow rate: ~ 12 liters per minute
Sample gas pressure: Ambient


Measuring parameters
Zero point calibration: Before each test period or 24 hours, calibration with nitrogen
(5.0 or higher N2 recommended)
Zero point drift: < 2 % of measuring range per zero point calibration interval
Sensitivity drift: None
Linearity deviation: < 2 % of measuring range
Temperature drifts: < 2 % of measuring range per 10 K temperature change
Pressure influence: 1 % change of measuring value for 1 % sample pressure change. Ambient pressure changes measured and compensated


Alarm outputs
Function alarm: Gasmet FTIR gas analyzer and Calcmet application software.
Service alarm: Gasmet FTIR gas analyzer and Calcmet application software.
System alarm: Probe temperature low/high
Heated module temp. low/high
Line 1 temperature low/high
Line 2 temperature low/high
Line 3 temperature low/high
Zero gas pressure low
Concentration alarm: Measured values low/high
Cooling alarm: Cabinet temperature high


Measuring data outputs
Gasmet measuring system is equipped with analog or digital outputs. Gasmet industrial PC controls the measuring outputs.
Digital output: ModBus, ASCII, COMLI, DDE link. Other protocols on request.
Analog output: • Output range: 4 - 20 mA, isolated
• Channels: 8 or 16


 Air conditioning
Cooling principle: Ventilation
Circulation: 500 m3/h


Heated lines
Tube size: 4/6 mm
Core material: Teflon core
Operating pressure: Maximum 400 kPa
Temperature: Maximum 200 ºC
Fittings: 6 mm Swagelok
Power supply: 230 VAC or 115 VAC
Power density: 120 watts per meter


 Electrical connections
Main supply: 3 x 16 A; 3 x L+N+PE (TN-S)
Power consumption: ~7,5 kW {the full Gasmet EEMS including Gasmet CR-2000 FTIR gas analyzer, Gasmet industrial PC, Gasmet sampling unit, sample probe, and heated lines (21 m)}.


Optional sample probe
Sample probe: PSP4000H
Power density: 320 watts
Operating temperature: 0 – 180 ºC
Filter element: Ceramic, 2 μm
Dust loadings: < 2 g/m3
Probe tube material:  SS 316
Probe length: 1 meter
Sample temperature: 600 ºC maximum
Sample pressure: 1 bar maximum
Other probes for high temperatures and for high dust loadings


Material: Bake painted steel
Dimensions (mm): 1200 * 600 * 600 mm
Weight: ~ 250 kg (full system)
Protection: IP 50

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