GasmetTM CR-Series includes quantitative multicomponent gas analyzers for laboratory research applications. The GasmetTM CR1000 incorporates a Fourier transform infrared, FTIR spectrometer, a temperature controlled sample cell, and signal processing electronics. Liquid nitrogen cooled MCT detector has the highest performance available.

The GasmetTM CR1000 is designed for speed and reliability. The single pass sample cell provides high optical throughput and very quick response times. As the sample cell is available for short path lengths only, it is optimal for percentage concentrations. Typically CR1000 is used for process measurements and catalyst research applications. The rugged stainless steel sample cell is typically heated up to 180 ºC. Higher temperatures are available by special request.

CR-models scanning and analysis speed can be configured according to customers need. The following table tells the difference in between GasmetTM CR-models:

Gasmet CR-modelCell volume / LAbsorption path length options / cmSample cell materialResponse time, T90Applications




1 (single-pass)

4 (single-pass)

10 (single-pass)

Stainless steel, ss 316 Typically < 2 s, depending on the gas flow and measurement time Percentage concentrations
CR2000 0.22

40 (multi-pass)

200 (multi-pass)

100 % rhodium coated aluminium Typically < 25 s, depending on the gas flow and measurement time Speed & reliability for wet corrosive gas mixtures
CR4000 0.4

250 (multi-pass)

500 (multi-pass)

980 (multi-pass)

100 % rhodium coated aluminium Typically < 120 s, depending on the gas flow and measurement time When highest sensitivity and speed are required



  1. GasmetTM CR1000
  2. GasmetTM Industrial PC not included
  3. CalcmetTM PRO software for fast measurements
  4. Heated lines
  5. Particulate filtration required
  6. External pump required


  • Ruggedness
  • Extremely fast
  • Extended wavelength range 600–4200 cm-1


  • Single-pass stainless steel sample cell enables the highest measurement ranges (vol-%)
  • Engine emissions monitoring

Technical Data

CR1000 FTIR Gas Analyzer

General Parameters
Measuring principle: Fourier Transform Infrared, FTIR
Performance: Simultaneous analysis of up to 50 gas compounds
Response time, T90: Typically < 2 s, depending on the gas flow and measurement time
Operating temperature: 5 - 30°C
Storage temperature: -20 - 60°C, non-condensing
Power supply: 100-115 or 230 V / 50 -60 Hz
Power consumption: 300 W maximum, continuous 150 W


Resolution: Recommended 8 cm-1 or 4 cm-1
Scan frequency: 10 scans / s or faster
Detector: Liquid N2 cooled MCT
Source: SiC, 1550 K
Optics material: ZnSe (beamsplitter and windows)
Wave number range: 600 - 4200 cm-1


 Sample cell
Structure: Single-pass, path length 10 cm
Standard material: Stainless steel, ss 316
Volume: 0.031 liters
Connectors: Inlet Swagelok 6 mm
Outlet Swagelok 8 mm
Gaskets: Viton® O-rings
Temperature: 180 °C
Window material: ZnSe, other on request


Measuring parameters
Zero point calibration: 24 hours, calibration with nitrogen
(5.0 or higher N2 recommended)
Zero point drift: < 2 % of measuring range per zero point calibration interval
Sensitivity drift: None
Linearity deviation: < 2 % of measuring range
Temperature drifts: < 2 % of measuring range per 10 K temperature change
Pressure influence: 1 % change of measuring value for 1 % sample pressure change. Ambient pressure changes measured and compensated


Electrical connectors
Digital interface: 9-pole D-connector for RS-232
CR1000 is connected to an external computer via RS-232C cable. The external computer controls the Gasmet analyzer.
Power connection: Standard plug CEE-22


Gas inlet and outlet conditions
Gas temperature:  Non-condensing, the sample gas temperature should be the same as the sample cell temperature
Flow rate:  120 - 600 liters per hour
Gas filtration:  Filtration of particulates (2 µ) required
Sample gas pressure:  Ambient
Sample pump:  External, not included


A/D converter: Dynamic range 95 dB
Signal processor: 32-bit floating point DSP
Computer: External, not included


  Analysis software (for external PC)
Operating system:  Windows 7 (32-bit)
Analysis software:  Calcmet for Windows


Sample cell: Single-pass, path length 1 cm volume 0.003 liters and 4 cm volume 0.013 liters
External PC: Gasmet PC
Sample cell gaskets: Teflon® coated Viton® or Kalrez®
Sample cell material: Inconell


Material:  Aluminium
Dimensions:  488 mm * 482 mm * 298 mm
Weight:  18 kg
CE label:  According to EMI guideline 89/336/EC

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